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March 2018 Worship Aides


March 4: 1A- John & Sherry Kooiker

March 11: 1B-Dave & Diana Kooima

March 18: 2A-Glen & Lisa Kooiker

March 25: 2B- Drew & Tricia Heynen



March 4: requests

March 11: Jerry Boer

March: Dar Boer

March 25: Dan Bosma



March 4: Mark Steiger & Dwight Bakker

March 11: Craig Verhoef & Justin Hoekstra

March 18: Kent Zevenbergen & Drew Heynen

March 25: Jerry Verhoef & Dave Eekhoff

March 29 (7pm): Mark Steiger & Dwight Bakker



*Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the service to welcome children. It is such a great blessing to parents and visitors to have you care for their children. If you cannot make it on your assigned date, please find your own replacement. Thank you for blessing the church in this way! J


MARCH 4:  AM: Mindy B, Hayley VG, Kobi B, Trista TP

PM: Leandra H, Nathan VO, Maggie F

MARCH 11: AM: Gina VL, Payton O, Trey S, Nicole VDZ

PM: Julie K, Macy W, Ariana VG

MARCH 18: AM: Megan R, Bailey B, Emily Z, Kyra B

PM: Faye DK, Olivia H, Summer V

MARCH 25: AM: Kristi S, Brady C, Jorji H, Shega H

PM: Kristi TP, Ian DB, Jocelyn O

MARCH 29 (7pm): Lavonne B, Aysha DG, Caleb VO, Logan W



March 4:

AM: 1st: Building Fund       2nd: Hope Education Fund       PM: Katelyn’s Fund

March 11:

AM: 1st: General Fund       2nd: Jan & Dar Van Ee             PM: Sioux Falls Banquet

March 18:

AM: 1st: General Fund       2nd:  Benevolent Fund              PM: Hull Food Pantry

March 25:

AM: 1st: General Fund       2nd: Craig & Jeanine Broek     PM: Hull Christian School