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Mission, Vision, & Environment


The mission of Western Christian High School is to provide God-centered secondary education for young men and women using the Bible and its principles as the foundation for the total curriculum.

The Western Vision

Western provides and education for high school students with the following distinctives:

  1. Clear commitment to Biblical values and personal faith in Jesus Christ.
  2. Positive Christian climate.
  3. Focus on building Christian character to reinforce Christian virtues such as faith, integrity, obedience, and diligence.
  4. Commitment to academic and professional excellence.
  5. Strong emphasis on mastering basic skills while offering broad exposure to art, music, travel, and international affairs to foster a world view.
  6. Parental involvement in the educational process.
  7. Sensitivity to the spiritual and academic needs of students.
  8. Loving discipline that deals with the root causes of misbehavior.
  9. Effective counseling services.
  10. School personnel who model Christian character.
  11. Overall administrative and board planning and vision.
  12. An active Board of Directors with spiritual discernment.


The WCHS environment is people exercising leadership . . .

  1. Spiritually—modeling and teaching spiritual principles and encouraging individuals in their personal relationships with God.
  2. Academically—challenging and stimulating young minds to excel in quality and depth of knowledge and thought.
  3. Socially—modeling and teaching principles of successful interpersonal relationships.
  4. Emotionally—modeling and teaching responsible, realistic, and balanced emotional expression and restraint.
  5. Physically—teaching and challenging young people the discipline necessary to have health, strength, skill, and vitality.
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Welcome to Hull Christian School. The Mission of Hull Christian is to educate covenant children in the light of God’s Word, preparing them for a life of Christian discipleship, responsible stewardship, and humble service in His Kingdom.

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Hull is a growing town, but it’s small enough that everyone knows each other. Hull is known to be full of friendly people who care deeply about their community.  Situated amid fertile farmland and beautiful landscapes, the town of Hull is a perfect picture of small town life.

The City of Hull is a growing community in Northwest Iowa.  Hull’s growth comes from being highly progressive in areas of parks, library, fitness, recreation, business growth, and general upkeep of the streets, sewer and water system. The facilities in Hull provide its community with a great environment. Hull has many thriving businesses and an able and energetic workforce.  The seven churches in Hull provide a place for spiritual growth community and connection. Hull’s business district is the best in the area and includes everything needed to enjoy a productive and healthy life. A thriving community library provides a wonderful asset to the community and the restaurants in Hull seems to be available just blocks away for each community member.

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