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Together We Stand

Hope Christian Reformed Church is proud to partner with their supporting missionaries.  Through them we strive Giving God all the glory he deserves.

To enable this to happen there are people and teams all across the nation and world pushing this common vision. Listed below are our partners in Missions.


The Table is a creative, resourcing, multiplying movement of communities. We envision the training of leaders who will develop and lead communities on mission in multiple neighborhoods in and around Denver. Unified around a common purpose of engaging neighbors with the tangible grace of God, each Table Community develops a contextual rhythm to serve their community, to care deeply for one another, and to express thanks to and hope in God. We hold our established values (community, nourishment, and grace) as the centerpiece of commonality

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A Place of Acceptance and Direction

Here at the Northern Lighthouse we believe that gathering as a church family is an important activity that we do each week.  We gather to celebrate what God is doing in each others lives, to hear the gospel, and partake in communion together.  Our gatherings are neither flashy nor boring; we simply seek to fulfill our vision.  That vision is:  being a place where everyone is accepted for who they are regardless of their past, and where everyone finds direction for their lives from the Gospel.

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Ministry in Mexico

Christian Reformed World Missions (CRWM) partners with the San Pablo Theological Presbyterian Seminary of Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.  to prepare pastors, church planters, worship leaders, educators and counselors for serevice in Mexico and the Western Hemisphere.

What Jan does:

  • Teacher at the seminary with an emphasis on Bible languages and the use of Bible study software.
  • Counsel and supervise the field work of some of the seminary students.
  • Pastor the Nueva Jerusalen mission church in Itzincab and the congregation in Montebello.  (A local pastor took over the work at Dios Es Amor church so I have very little to do with that church)
  • (Also drop the reference to the student missions committee. That ended when the students who ran that graduated)
  • Advisor to the seminary faculties and the executive governing board.
  • Mission contact person for Construction and Mission Study teams with an emphasis on finishing the dormitories.

Thank You

The Lord has greatly blessed this work with visible results. Thank you for your prayers and gifts. We cherish your continued support.


Calle 14 No. 176

Merida YUC




The long walk to freedom toward becoming the Rainbow Nation has already started in South Africa. Reconciliation has been foundational throughout the journey and yet, fear, malaise, and inequality linger. Within this setting, some of our South African friends see dawn breaking. Together we envision Gospel-empowered collaboration that seeks to cultivate transformation and deepen reconciliation.


Living in one of the gateway nations to Africa, we hope to courageously respond to the Holy Spirit’s leading through the following initiatives:

Leadership Development: Partnering with Timothy Leadership Training Institute, we build capacity in basic pastoral, preaching, and teaching skills and connect across denominational and ethnic barriers.

  • Advocacy for Children: We work with existing Christian schools and Organizations for Pediatric Support to lift children’s value and nurture integral, Christ-centered education.
  • Church Planting: We nurture the planting of healthy faith communities in strategic areas.
  • Farming in Faith: Sustainable farming techniques reveal God’s position as Provider and model our responsibility as stewards. In this way, as winter turns to spring, families and communities flourish.
  • Theological Educational Development: Through a network of theological institutions, we assist in curriculum and library development, placement of lecturers and scholarships.

Thank You

We praise God for His work around the world and the privilege of serving Him. Thank you for your prayers, generosity and support for our ministry with Christian Reformed World Missions. Together, by God’s grace, our efforts are transforming lives and communities worldwide. Thank you.

PO Box 6115
Ansfrere, Florida Park

South Africa

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Kelly and April moved to Madrid, Spain in 2003 and over the next 12 years helped to start three church plants in the city: Mountainview International Church, Oasis Madrid Church, and Decoupage. They are originally from the cornfields of Iowa in the United States, where they were married in 1999. They have three children who were all born in Spain.

After empowering a local leadership team for Decoupage, in 2015, they moved from their home in the Malasaña barrio of Madrid to a pueblo in Asturias, a northern province in Spain. They are excited to see the work of God in new soil as well as encouraging and supporting Spanish church planters.

Location: Asturias, Spain
Position: Associate Director for Western Europe Advancement

Our mailing address is:

Kelly and April Crull
San Cucao 108
Llanera, Principado de Asturias  33425

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